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This project is a part of a five country regional programme in South Asia that seeks to support regional cooperation through knowledge sharing and development... » read more

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The field visits to the municipalities had been scheduled as per the approved annual work plan of ERRRP project. According to annual work plan, the ERRRP project had to organize meeting in each selected municipality level to develop consensus and understanding of project activities. The field visit was made also to plan for the training and sensitization workshops for municipal technicians and officials & to carry out need assessment for logistic support for focal desk. Preliminary select» read more

Report on Earthquake Resistant Construction of Buildings for Supervisors

Earthquakes are natural hazards, but the disasters are man-made. As has often been quoted, Earthquakes donít kill, unsafe buildings do. It is the high vulnerability of our building stock that turns these hazards into disasters. The collapse of engineered and non-engineered building during earthquakes is the main contributor to the loss of lives and injuries to the people. Building codes generally do not specify good practice, but simply a level of resistance to forces to be attained based on » read more
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A Follow up Municipal Level Meeting Report

The follow up municipal level meeting to the Biratnagar Sub-Metropolitan City was made to discuss the different agendas of project activities like training prioritization, awareness raising and selection of retrofitting buildings to be carried out. The focal person nominated from municipality had co-coordinated well for the overall arrangements for the conduction of the second municipal level meeting at Biratnagar Sub-Metropolitan City.

Presence of National Programme Director and Proj» read more
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Seismic Retrofitting of Office Building of Ward no. 3 of Biratnagar Sub-Metropolitan City

Earthquake Risk Reduction and Recovery Preparedness Programme for Nepal (UNDP/ ERRRP PROJECT: NEP/07/010) has appointed MRB and Associates, Kathmandu to provide supervision works for the Seismic Retrofitting of Office Building of Ward No. 3 of Biratnagar Sub-Metropolitan City, Morang. Tenders were invited for the retrofitting works and the Project was awarded to Lohani and Brothers Pvt. Ltd. The total amount of the contract is NRs. 1,742,540.63 ( Nepali Rupees: one million seven hundred forty» read more
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