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This project is a part of a five country regional programme in South Asia that seeks to support regional cooperation through knowledge sharing and development... » read more

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The field visits to the municipalities had been scheduled as per the approved annual work plan of ERRRP project. According to annual work plan, the ERRRP project had to organize meeting in each selected municipality level to develop consensus and understanding of project activities. The field visit was made also to plan for the training and sensitization workshops for municipal technicians and officials & to carry out need assessment for logistic support for focal desk. Preliminary select» read more

Training Report on Earthquake Resistant Design of Buildings / Nepal National Building Code and its Implementation Strategy for Municipal Engineers

Nepal is prone to various types of natural disasters. Most part of the country is seismically active. Hence, the geomorphology is very fragile. High mountains and the Himalayan range of Nepal are quite young. They stretch almost 2500 kms from east to west and they fall under the seismically active zone, which is considered to be the result of subduction of the Indian plate under the Tibetan plate. Urban areas are highly vulnerable to earthquake disaster and it is one of the biggest obstacles » read more
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