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Training Report on Earthquake Resistant Design of Buildings / Nepal National Building Code and its Implementation Strategy for Municipal Engineers

Nepal is prone to various types of natural disasters. Most part of the country is seismically active. Hence, the geomorphology is very fragile. High mountains and the Himalayan range of Nepal are quite young. They stretch almost 2500 kms from east to west and they fall under the seismically active zone, which is considered to be the result of subduction of the Indian plate under the Tibetan plate. Urban areas are highly vulnerable to earthquake disaster and it is one of the biggest obstacles for sustainable development. Nepal has suffered huge losses of lives and properties due to ten major earthquakes since 12th century.

The National Building Code (NBC) is the first such document prepared for Nepal in 1994 but it has not been implemented except three municipalities. The NBC provides both regulations and guidelines for the construction of buildings in all areas of Nepal. Lastly, Earthquakes, as such, do not kill people. It is the falling buildings that do. The collapse of engineered and non-engineered building during earthquakes is the main contributor to the loss of lives and injuries to the people. Therefore, good house construction practice sticking with the existing building code will help to minimize the loss of lives and properties. Preparedness is the most important way to minimize the impact of an earthquake. So, implementation of National Building Code is very significant for disaster mitigation in Nepal.

For that UNDP/ ERRRP Project for Nepal is giving the training for engineers to strengthen capacity building for designing the buildings and implementing NBC guidelines in proper way. Accordingly, with the joint effort of ERRRP and Birendranagar Municipality had conducted the five days training program on “Earthquake Resistant Design of Buildings / Nepal National Building Code and its Implementation strategy” for Municipal Engineers from November 19, 2008 to November 23, 2008. The main objective of this training program is to build the capacity of the municipal engineers for the effective implementation of National Building Code focusing on the structural analysis and earthquake resistant design of buildings to promote economic, safe house building aimed at reducing human losses from natural disasters like earthquakes.