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Training Report on Earthquake Resistant Construction of Buildings for Masons

Earthquakes are natural hazards, but the disasters are man-made. As has often been quoted, Earthquakes donít kill, unsafe buildings do. It is the high vulnerability of our building stock that turns these hazards into disasters. The collapse of engineered and non-engineered building during earthquakes is the main contributor to the loss of lives and injuries to the people. Building codes generally do not specify good practice, but simply a level of resistance to forces to be attained based on the best known data. Despite the tragic loss of life and property caused by the earthquake, it provided an opportunity to learn how to be better prepared for larger earthquakes and how to mitigate the damaging effects of future earthquakes.

Earthquake Risk Reduction and Recovery Preparedness (ERRRP) program initiated by UNDP/BCPR (Bureau of Crisis Prevention and Recovery) with the support of government of Japan is a regional project. This being a National Implementation (NIM) project of UNDP, the implementation responsibility of the project will be with the Government of Nepal. Therefore, UNDP/ERRRP project, has, therefore been continuously strengthening the Earthquake Risk Reduction Management capacity of its selected municipalities of 5 development regions of Nepal since June 2008. It includes capacity building through training, sensitize people and giving awareness as well as establishing linkages with partners at different levels to maximize efforts to be prepared for and respond to disasters more effectively. The main goal is to reduce the impact of potential earthquakes on seismically vulnerable communities in Nepal.

Accordingly, with the joint effort of ERRRP and Hetauda Municipality had organised the 4 days training on Earthquake Resistant Construction of Buildings for Masons in Hetauda from Sept 25 to Sept 28, 2008. The objective of the training program is to increase awareness and build the capacity at the local level on earthquake resistant construction through education, practical training, field visit, film show, group discussion, exam of trainees and construction of technological demonstration unit. As masons are the second line engineers in construction of houses, it is most important to provide them the basic technique of construction of earthquake resistant buildings along with various engineering methodology of building construction in the seismically active zones.