Background of Dhangadhi Municipality

Dhangadhi is a mid-sized municipality located in the Terai area of Kailali distict in Seti zone of the Far Western Development Region of Nepal. The municipality, however, is growing rapidly. Between 1981 and 1991 it grew at 5.16 percent per year and in the following decade, it grew at 4.2 percent per year. The municipality was established in 2033 BS. Dhanagadhi Municipality is surrounded by the Urma VDC and Khutiya River in the east, Mohana River in the west, Geta Beladebipur VDC in the north and Mohana river and India in the south. It lies between 280 41 north latitude and 800 41 east longitude. It is 170 meter high from sea level. The maximum and minimum temperatures lie between 38oC to 7oC. Dhanagadhi is major trade and commercial centre of Far- Western Region. The main inhabitants of the municipality are Tharus followed by Chhetris, Hill Brahmins, Unidentified Dalits, Thakuris etc. Historical and religious places around Dhangadhi municipality are Jakhaur Baba, Naina Devi, Ban Devi and Laxmi Narayan.