Municipal Level Meeting at Dhangadhi Municipality

As per our annual work plan outlined by the ERRRP for Nepal, this is the first municipal meeting carried out in by the ERRRP project. The official meeting was carried out in May 2, 2008 with participation of municipal engineers, junior engineers, technicians, Board Representatives from Political Parties, Engineers from Kailali Division office of DUDBC, administration officers and different stakeholders of Dhangadi Municipality. The meeting was chaired by Acting Executive officer Er. Deej Raj Bhatta. As the meeting was held as per the schedule of 11am in the morning it continues till 2 pm. There were total 22 numbers of participants including 5 ERRRP project team members. In meeting, National Project Manager (NPM) Mr. Amrit Man Tuladhar made a brief discussion on UNDP/ERRRP project and its activities.
Proceedings of Meeting were as follows:
• Welcome by Acting Executive Officer and Engineer of Municipality
• Introduction to all participants
• Briefing by NPM about the ERRRP project and its activities
• Briefing by Project team members on coordination for ERRRP project activities
• Discussion on agendas
• Minutes of meeting
• Closing Remarks by Acting Chief Executive Officer

Floor discussions were carried out on every agendas of the ERRRP project. The participants and different stakeholders expressed their concern about the success of the project. The participants of the meeting had also discussed about the impact of earthquake and felt the need of different types of training and awareness on earthquake risk reductions and preparedness.

5.0 Minutes of the Meeting:

The municipal level meeting had been concluded with clear understanding for all activities under ERRRP project. The understanding have been expressed in written in minutes of meeting which is signed and endorsed by all participants and stakeholders of the meeting including Acting Chief Executive Officer. The summary of minutes of meeting is as follows:
- Strong commitment had been made from municipality for full cooperation and coordination for smooth running of project activities with support of the ERRRP/UNDP Project.
- To achieve goals, objectives and outputs of ERRRP project Municipality is agreed to establish focal desk with focal person (municipal engineer) that had been officially nominated by municipality within the premises of municipality to create clear understanding and to make easy to cooperate for the effective implementation of the ERRRP project activities. ERRRP project will provide logistic support to focal desk in consultation with Ministry of Local Development as described in AWP.
-It has been agreed that ERRRP project will carry out the activities related to earthquake risk reduction and recovery preparedness as mentioned in the project document with close coordination and consent of municipality
-Municipality will share/ provide all available existing data, information including land use maps and also will cooperate for surveying and collection of necessary data for preparing municipal profiles in terms of Earthquake disaster that will be used earthquake risk reduction and recovery preparedness planning for the municipality.
- It has been agreed that municipality will cooperate fully to organize training/sensitization/awareness programs by nominating participants within the municipality and as well as providing other facilities if possible for e.g. training halls, logistics etc. within the capacity of municipality to conduct programs jointly in a participatory way.
-It has been agreed that municipality will recommend existing public buildings owned by municipality for demonstrative seismic retrofitting. If such buildings recommended by municipality are not feasible for retrofitting or existing public buildings as such owned by municipality are not available, then municipality will recommend for open land owned by municipality for constructing new model buildings with earthquake resistant features.

Municipality had made strong commitment to take necessary initiations and steps to implement Nepal National Building Code-2060 approved by Nepal Government in building permit process within the municipality