Sensitilization traning in Birendranagar

Nepal is a disaster prone country due to its steep terrain, a rugged and fragile geomorphic condition, high peaks and slopes, volatile tectonic processes, variable climatic condition, very rural topography and other factors such as increasing population, poor economic condition, unplanned settlement, low literacy rate etc. Earthquake, floods, landslides, lightning often occur causing enormous physical damages and losses of human lives. Nepal is ranked 11th in terms of risk from earthquake according to global report on disaster risk as per 2003.

Earthquake Risk Reduction and Recovery Preparedness (ERRRP) program initiated by UNDP/BCPR (Bureau of Crisis Prevention and Recovery) with the support of government of Japan is a regional project. This being a National Implementation (NIM) project of UNDP, the implementation responsibility of the project will be with the Government of Nepal.

Therefore, UNDP/ERRRP project, has, therefore been continuously strengthening the Earthquake Risk Reduction Management capacity of its selected municipalities of 5 development regions of Nepal since June 2008. It includes capacity building through training, sensitize people and giving awareness as well as establishing linkages with partners at different levels to maximize efforts to be prepared for and respond to disasters more effectively. The main goal is to reduce the impact of potential earthquakes on seismically vulnerable communities in Nepal.

Accordingly, with the joint effort of UNDP/ERRRP project and Birendranagar Municipality had organised the half day sensitization program on earthquake risk reduction and preparedness for community members and municipal officials on November 21, 2008 at Birendranagar Municipality Hall. The objective of the sensitization programme was done in order to sensitize all the community members and municipal officials of the municipality on Earthquake Risk Reduction and Preparedness. In this programme, cause and effects of earthquake, how to get prepared before earthquake, preparedness planning and issues of NBC implementation process and the strategies to be adopted by the municipality for effective earthquake risk reduction were covered by the experts in the relevant fields.  

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