Report of the Public Education and Awareness

Nepal is ranked 11th in terms of risk from earthquake according to BCPR on disaster risk. Nepal experienced catastrophic damages in 1934 and 1988 earthquakes. As urbanization are increasing day by day and the construction of the buildings haphazardly without considering earthquake resistant factor. As of recent years, most of the uncontrolled building processes are rapidly producing structures of unacceptable standard and prone to the risk of damage and collapse under earthquake. Earthquake resistant building construction therefore is the challenge before us. For a seismically vulnerable country like Nepal, to mitigate the problems due to pre and post disaster, ERRRP focus on bottom-up approach in which house-owner, common people and technical people becomes aware, have basic ideas on earthquake preparedness and convinced on the need to make their residences safer against earthquake. This can be achieved only through a massive awareness raising program which ERRRP has developed and is implementing successfully.
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